208 Burnette St.
PO Box 804
Troy, North Carolina, 27371
Ph: 910-576-1291
Fax: 910-576-1997

About Us

Alandale Industries, located in Troy, North Carolina, USA, was established in 1985 by Alan Gutschmit. As the founder of Alandale Knitting Mills in 1966, he found himself faced with various lint related problems in his knitting operation. This situation prompted the development of equipment to address their lint related problems. These developments spawned Alandale Industries. At Alandale Industries, we manufacture a full line of products, from vacuum systems to creels, for the circular knitting industry or any industry where lint control is a problem. Developed by knitters for knitters, our company’s products are created out of necessity to solve the problems every knitter faces. From its beginnings in a remote corner of a knitting plant, to its present 50,000 square feet facility, Alandale Industries has become the undisputed leader in lint control.