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Miscellaneous Products

Safe-T-Air Gun – With our exclusive power nozzle

Finally a safety air gun that will give you the power for all your cleaning needs.

Alandale’s Safe-T-Air Gun, with its exclusive power nozzle, is uniquely designed to fully utilize incline air pressure. This design also allows external air to be siphoned in during use to maximize cleaning performance.

The Alandale Safe-T-Air Gun and Power Nozzle conforms with OSHA standards. Performance and safety tests based on 90 pounds maximum inlet pressure.

Available in short or long styles.

No more wimpy clean-up jobs. Get the Alandale Safe-T-Air Gun and Power Nozzle. IT Works…

Creel Numbering System

Now, a solution to a pesky problem.

Alandale Industries has developed highly visible vinyl numbers for identifying creel and machine feeds.

The super adhesive back holds numbers in place on most any surface.

A special coating has been applied to prevent the numbers from rubbing off. Oil and water will not penetrate, and oily finger prints wash off easily.

Easy to apply peel and stick numbers are available from 1 through 999, up to three numbers on one label.

Avoid confusion and save time in locating correct feed numbers.

The Alandale Creel Numbering System adds to the efficiency of your knitting operation. Try a set; your knitters will love them.

Static-Free Yarn Tubing

Alandale now offers you two alternatives to running synthetic type yarns on tube creels.

  • Static-Free Yarn Tubing
  • Black Carbon Telescopic Tubing

Both types of tubing may be purchased with a new creel or can easily be fitted to any of our existing creel systems.

Static build-up in standard PVC tubing can cause excessive yarn tension. Our Static-Free Tubing decreases yarn drag and allows your machines to run more smoothly and efficiently.

If you have a particular yarn problem or need an alternative tubing for your creel, please contact us.

Air-Jet Threading System

From the engineers of Alandale Industries comes a new level of technology in creels, designed to reduce significantly the aggravation and time required for threading yarn through tube creels.

Our new Air-Jet Threading System is designed to be fitted to each yarn feed position on all our creels. Theses units can also be adapted for use on other creels, to provide quick, easy, and safe threading of yarns through all types of tubes.

Our System Eliminates:

  • The need for knitters to blow or vacuum yarn through tubes with conventional devices.
  • The time and aggravation of searching for air guns or dragging around heavy hoses to thread yarn.
  • The hit and miss threading with air and vacuum guns.