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Isolator Rooms

Isolator Room

  • Standard 14’x14′ room will accommodate 122 cones double-tied full-to-full.
  • Most efficient creel and room combination produced.
  • Allows more machines to be utilized in floor space available
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  • Centrally located overhead in Alandale’s Isolator Room to provide maximum cleaning efficiency.
  • Unit has twice the power of previous designs for greater air movement
  • Lint is extracted from the room continuously and collected with an easy-to-clean filter bag.
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Rotolator 360

  • Continuous sweeping/dusting action prevents lint from accumulating on knitting machine surfaces, storage feeder, creels, tubing, room panels and ceilings.
  • Powerful 3000 RPM fan motor and high efficiency fan blade keep air moving throughout the room.
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Frame Creel

  • Attached to wall panels of Alandale’s Isolator Room for the most efficient utilization of floor space.
  • Welded tubular steel construction is preassembles for quick and easy installation.
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