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Golf Fans

The Green Sweep

  • Provides air flow to green that otherwise have no natural ventilation
  • Less invasive – can be placed further from putting surfaces that less powerful units
  • Adjustable angles and oscillation ranged all for most effective coverage
  • Efficient and inexpensive answer for air movement
  • Easy to install
  • Durable components for long life and maintenance free service


CFM 10,637
SIZE 30 inch blade diameter
31 inch polypropylene housing
THROW 3.6 mph @ 100 ft.
SOUND 77dba @ 10ft
WEIGHT 166 lbs
MOTOR (FAN) 1 hp/1140 rpm/TEFC/direct drive/single phase                                            Golf Fan Part List
110v (6.8 amps)
220v (3.4 amps)
[three phase available]
MOTOR (OSCILLATING) Fractional hp/1 rpm/belt drive/ single phase
110v (55 amp)
4 ft. fan post
18 inch in-ground post
(The loss in height due to the 18 inch in-ground post is offset by a 20 inch gain in height from the fan yoke, thus making the height if post(s) the approximate height from the ground to the base of the fan housing.)
 COVERAGE Fan has up to 90 degree oscillation range and can be adjusted for less range
 Portable Units Available